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Division of Planning and Construction Management

Division of Planning and Construction Management

Vice Manager of divison

Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Bình
Phone: 38235219 - 38290405

1. Functions: Advising the leaders of the Authority in the management and construction planning in EPZs - IZs.

2. Duties:

   2.1. Adjusting the approved detailed construction master plan of EPZs and IPs without changing the function of land use and planning structure; issuing construction planning permits and planning certificates for investment projects according to law provisions.

   2.2. Issuing, adjusting, renewing, re-issuing, revoking the construction permits to build the works according to provisions of the laws; approving construction for works serving construction, repairing works not part of the cases subject to construction permit.

   2.3. Appraising basic designs, technical designs, construction drawing designs and construction cost estimates; inspecting the takeover test of construction works in accordance with provisions of laws.

   2.4. Issuing construction operation permits for foreign contractors in performing contracts of group B, C projects according to provisions of laws.

   2.5. Acting as contact point for receiving, processing and transferring records of issuing land use rights, ownership of buildings to competent bodies.

   2.6. Proposing the policies and general planning for constructing and developing EPZs and IZs and residential areas adjacent to EPZs - IZs. 


   2.7. Performing the tasks of managing plans, land funds and quality of construction works. Monitoring, promoting the progress of building technical infrastructure works, social service infrastructure to serve workers; the work of compensation, clearance; occupancy rate of EPZs-IZs and infrastructure connections to the border of EPZs-IZs. 

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