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Division of Labor Management

Division of Labor Management

Manager of division

Mrs. Nguyễn Thị Hồng Liên
Phone: 38232575 - 38290405


1. Function: Advising the leaders of the Authority on State management of labor; labor safety; health care for workers; human resource development; security and order, fire prevention and fighting, traffic safety; and activities of taking care of material and spiritual life for laborers in EPZ - IZs.

2. Duties:

   2.1. Performing the task of State management over labor; guiding and supporting investors in building harmonious labor relations, settlement of labor disputes and strikes according to provisions of laws.

   2.2. Coordinating the implementation of tasks of State management of occupational health and safety in accordance with the laws.

   2.3. Coordinating functional agencies to provide health care for laborers: food hygiene and safety at collective kitchens of enterprises in EPZ-IZs; preventive medicine, disease prevention; occupational health; information, communication on health for workers (reproductive health, family planning, nutrition ...).

   2.4. Coordinating with functional agencies to develop and implement five-year and annual plans for human resource development.

   2.5. Coordinating functional agencies to deal with issues of security, fire, traffic safety in EPZ - IZs.

   2.6. Coordinating with functional agencies to take care of material and spiritual life for laborers; addressing issues related to operation of social infrastructure, cultural institutions serving workers: accommodation, nursery school, worker's living center, industrial ration processing facility, supermarkets, clinics, public transportation.

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