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Nội dung tin tức Nội dung tin tức

Hepza's Office

Chief of The Hepza's Office

Bùi Thị Nữ

Phone: 38290405

1. Functions: Advising the leaders of the Authority on direction and administration of their common activities; Ensuring provision of information for management, direction and administration at the Authority and information to individuals and organizations according to the provisions of laws; Ensuring the material and technical conditions for the operation of the Authority.

2. Duties:

   2.1. Estimating annual operating budget and fund of the Authority, advising the leaders of the Authority on submitting them to the City People's Committee for approval and organization of implementation. Managing finance, assets, collection and use of fees and charges. Coordinating with relevant departments to implement the financial autonomy mechanism of the Authority.

   2.2. Advising the leaders of the Authority on monitoring of operation and financial status of dependent units, association of enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City Industrial Zones, Workers Support Fund according to the provisions of laws.

   2.3. Advising on the organization of the apparatus and payroll of public servants, employees and laborers; taking care of the material and spiritual life, professional fostering for public servants, employees and laborers.

   2.4. Organizing administrative, administration, reception, archive works, protection of secrets and safety of the authority.

   2.5. Leading the implementation of legal and administrative reforms. Organizing and managing the department of receiving and returning results, website, and intranet. Implementing computerization in the management of the Authority.

   2.6. Monitoring and urging functional divisions and subordinate units to implement the work programs, proposals, topics and conclusions of the leaders of the Authority and the conclusions and directions of the municipal People's Committee.

   2.7. Organizing emulation and commendation campaigns for civil servants, employees and laborers of the Authority, infrastructure development companies and enterprises in the EPZs - IZs.

   2.8. Making statements and providing information to the press in accordance with the laws. Tracking information related to EPZs - IZs in the media and timely reporting to the Director.

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